Get new students and sales consistently for your tutoring/education company by creating a
hands-off marketing system that doesn't compete with Kumon , Wyzant and other market leaders

without spending time piecemealing your marketing plan from various sources on your own or outsource it to your already busy team

Sound familiar?

Do you have a great educational product, tons of experience in education, and know you can help parents and students out but you’re unsure how to get clients on your own without having to spend precious time doing it yourself, outsourcing it to your already busy team?

I’ve been there,  my name is Mario Ronci owner and founder of ManuFracture, being a freelance digital marketer for a long time I’ve experienced hoping on my friends and network to get me clients, But these are not things you can forecast revenue on, it’s completely out of your control.  That’s when I realized that you should always know if your marketing is going to make you money. 

You’re probably an experienced education company owner and  you’ve had to learn through the school of hard knocks how to do these things but still not to the best of your ability, and you’ve hit a limit on what you can do , a Facebook ad isn’t getting you, clients

Or you don’t have time to do the marketing yourself and your team is stacked up with tons of responsibilities to do this in-house

This is the reality for most educators who want to do marketing in their business. You know it’s not your strength you’d rather be teaching or planning lessons than working on thousands of tasks like marketing and managing employees etc.

However, there’s a better and easier way to do it, where you don’t need to spend hours learning marketing , piecing together bits of info from marketing blogs, videos , and then trying to implement this yourself . Where you don’t need to test things that don’t work right from the get go and end up wasting your money. 

The goal of Manufracture is to be the only marketing agency to help experienced education/tutoring companies like yourself position you as the ONLY and obvious choice to your ideal client so you’re able to get consistent students and sales 

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Reap the Rewards of Having a Marketing System that Works for you and
Generates students and sales on Autopilot

Quicker, Predictable Sales Cycles

Grease the wheels to the sale , get the right kind ideal parents and students to find you quickly and be influenced to take action now to buy your classees or programs, banishing slow months

Be the "Go to" in your space

Become the authority in your space showing you to serve and communciate to your favourite type of customer and never be compared to any of your competition ever again.

Hit and Break Past your Revenue Goals

You can hit your revenue goals and even exceed them because your marketing is speaking directly to your customer, guiding them to purchase and buy classes without you needing to be there 

Scale and Expand your Operations

Once you have a marketing system that runs on its own and get students /sales for you. You can finally think about how you can scale it,with new service delivery methods ( like group programs, or educational products )

More Time to do the Things you Love

Have more time because you know your marketing system is working in the background with none of your input. You can spend your time creating lessons, workshops 

Bring on New Employees or Teaching Talent

As you get more students you can bring on new employees to help the company grow and teach the lessons to the many students you attract 

Know if your marketing is making you money

We track all the efforts with a simple spreadsheet, you can see where your money is going with Facebook ads and you know exactly if the purchases came from the ads and how much money you need to invest to make a sale 

Get your product or classes to the people who need it the most

You’ll reach more learners , parents, students who need you the most and impact their learning forever, giving these students the gift to enjoy education again

Podcast Appearances

check out my appearances on podcasts for tactics you can use immediately to get students for your education company

How it works

1. Crafting Compelling Messaging

Starting off we create a message that shows your ideal customer, a parent /student you want more of why these customers should buy from you and also what makes you different, meeting your customers right where they are right now so they feel like you know their problems and can be trusted to solve them

2. Creating Your Hands-Off Marketing System

Then, I’ll build out a complete marketing system that will bring clients to you, this Includes both a visual and voice overhaul for your onlinne presence to appeal to your ideal customers and a step by step sequence of website pages that will lead potential customers along the way all the way to purchase all the way to booking a call with you or buying your classes and products.

3. Paid Ads To Open the Floodgates of people finding you

Set up and create a facebook ad campaign to drive those ideal clients ( parents /students you want more of ) and pay directly for it. This includes setting up the ad campaign and managing it daily to fix and issues that inevitably come up when doing paid ads to make sure you're not losing any money and that we're knowig our numbers to make decisons that will lead to ROI on the money you spend on Ads

4. Follow up to lead potential customers to become loyal paying customers

While the ads run I'll be tracking daily the performance of the ads and the pages and see where to fix things that aren't working and double down on things that are working , and retarget ( meaning go back to anyone who didn't book a call yet and market to them) and follow up until these people turn into purchases or clients which should take 2-3 months

Happy Clients

Scheduled bookings that came from Rob Folkard’s one page site that was built out for him starting in March 2020,  continues to generate new leads/potential clients every week , till today it’s generate over a dozen in total with some of them turning into clients

Rob Folkard 11+ Test trainer /Tutor

“Thank You !

Thank you so much for the transformational difference you have made to my life and my Online 11+ Tutoring Service. 
I am no longer afraid of saying ‘No’ to clients that I do not want to work with and feel a great sense of relief when others decide to not progress with lessons who were not the best fit in the first place.

I have also now got the courage to get rid of all clients not paying a minimum rate.

You have acted as a true ‘catalyst’ “

Sarah Maillard French Tutor

“After the launch of my business, I realized that I was trying to touch a very(too!) large customer base, that I didn’t have any specific target, direction for my business, and that my online presence was messy at best. The renewal of my customers was a complicated issue. 

I didn’t know how to present myself or talk online. I was afraid to contact a person that wouldn’t have my interests at heart, and I am delighted to say it is not the case with Mario. He is full of energy, he is clear, patient and well structured in his work, and those are qualities I really appreciate in an associate. He took the time needed to explain our goals, and he put in place very clear steps to follow.

 After only a few weeks of working with him, I can tell that I am not regretting our work at all! He helped me defined my strengths and my weaknesses, he helped me work on finding a voice that is coherent with my personality and my teaching style. His work allows me to focus my energy where I know it is useful and needed. I am already observing strong results. Bringing on two new ideal clients on board so far “

Keegan Ash College Consultant - Filled his roster of students at end of July 2020

Daniel Didio , ESL Curriculum Creator - One page site is generating sales for his ESL curriculum that he's selling to teachers

Daniel’s Facebook group drove traffic to a one page site I built out for him , the week he launched in August 2020 he started to get sales going through the site for his ESL curriculum and continues to generate sales to this day 

Dr. La Vergne Thatch , high school math tutor - Has got 11 students all for high school math in total Nov. 2020 , all coming through the facebook page and site , charging $50-60 hr

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